Softspace is a powerful new productivity and collaboration tool for spatial thinkers. Build beautiful, magical spaces where you always have the room you need to do your best work.

Finally, a productivity tool that works the way you think.

Computers are fantastic. They give us superpowers. But every phone and laptop is limited by the same thing: its tiny, flat display. All that information, locked away inside.

Spatial computing sets it free.

Spatial computing means interacting with digital things in 3D space. It's a new way of using a computer inspired by a very old place: the physical world.

That's why you're already so good at it.

Softspace gives you room.

Room to meet. You're not actually together when you're on a video call. Is that why they're so unsatisfying? When you meet in Softspace, you feel like you're in the same place—from across a desk, or across an ocean.

Room to think. Softspace's interface is intuitive, yet powerful. Make a new workspace (or ten) and fill it with your best ideas. Put your natural powers of spatial memory and spatial reasoning to good use.

Room to focus. You need the right place to do your greatest work. That's why we designed Softspace's environment to get you in the zone. Tune out the noise, and concentrate on what matters most.

We designed Softspace to support your creative process.

Why? Because we're creative people ourselves.

We're a small team of creative coders. Softspace is the tool we wish had existed when we were studying and working as designers.

See the big picture. Softspace's custom image processing engine lets you work with hundreds of image files and PDFs at once.

It takes a village. Great teams do great work. Invite teammates and clients into a workspace, and start jamming with up to twelve people.

A studio in your backpack. Cloud storage and Oculus Quest support make Softspace super portable.

We have big plans for Softspace, and we're just getting started. See what we're working on next in our Product Roadmap.

Softspace Product Roadmap

What will you build?

A project war room? Every project at IDEO gets its own room, because it's the best way to keep everyone on the same page. Build your team a project space that transcends the limits of physical area and distance.

A memory palace? We evolved to remember objects in our environment—not stuff on a screen—and we do it really well. Start filling a workspace with all the knowledge you can't afford to forget.

An inspiration library? Steve Jobs once said that creativity is just connecting things. We know that great ideas don't emerge from a vacuum. Build yourself a mood space where you can always find inspiration.

"Softspace makes my computer feel inadequate."

—Olafur Eliasson, artist

"Super intuitive user experience. Seriously impressed."

—Brian Ratkovich, founder

"This. Is. Incredible. I've been showing it to everyone."

—Tyler Hopf, designer

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