Softspace is a new kind of tool for productivity, collaboration, and knowledge management. Build beautiful virtual workspaces where you always have room to do your greatest work.

Computers are magic. They let us carry a lifetime's worth of knowledge in our pocket. But when we need to see how everything fits together, it feels like computers just get in our way.

That's because every laptop and smartphone is limited by the same thing: that tiny, flat display. All your best ideas, locked away inside.

Softspace uses virtual reality to set them free.

In virtual reality, you can work with information spatially. It's a new computing paradigm inspired by a very old place: the physical world. Which is why your brain is already so good at it.

People have been using Softspace to make mood boards, build mind maps, create memory palaces, brainstorm, read scientific research papers, run strategy workshops, teach architecture courses, hold design reviews, give presentations, pitch investors, and do many other amazing things.

In other words, Softspace lets you make sense of it all. And isn't making sense—shaping ideas, solving problems, making decisions—what matters most?

Softspace gives you room.

Room to think. The hardest part of creative knowledge work is synthesis: finding the yet-to-be behind what already is. With Softspace's intuitive, yet powerful UI, you can finally see all those hidden connections.

Room to focus. You need beautiful surroundings to make beautiful things. We designed Softspace's environment to get you in the zone, no matter where you are. Tune out the noise, and concentrate on what's important.

Room to sync. The best way to get on the same page is to get in the same room. But that's not always physically possible. Step into Softspace instead, where you really feel together—even when you're an ocean apart.

Softspace was born in one of the world's greatest art and design studios. While working there as creative coders, Yiliu and Daniel realized how much the studio's physical workspace contributed to its success. Our productivity and collaboration apps paled in comparison.

In spatial computing, we saw the promise of a better tool. But nobody was making exactly what we needed. So we decided to do it ourselves.

We're a small, interdisciplinary team. We design and code everything in-house. We believe this is the best way to deliver a great product to you.

"Softspace makes my computer feel inadequate."
—OE, artist & designer
"I can't recommend this app enough. All in all, I think it's one of the top VR apps out there and the user experience and attention to detail is second to none."
—BR, startup founder
"Wow, so impressed by this project. It honestly feels like what I imagine people felt when they saw spreadsheets on a computer, or a sophisticated word processor, for the first time."
—AA, CS student
"Whether it’s projects at work or some Reddit rabbit hole, being able to collect and organize information visually in an unlimited workspace is f****** awesome!"
—KF, sales
"Feels like you've got something incredible - like I'm opening a Notion-level product in VR."
—SS, student
"...the spatial UI is clean, well thought out, and honestly one of the best I've seen."
—S, verified Softspacer
"I've been looking for something like this to sort my thoughts in and I have to say that this is the best I've found so far."
—KA, verified Softspacer
"The multiuser is awesome, you can share the space with your colleagues and work on a problem together - maybe the strongest point of the whole concept."
—MF, architect
"This. Is. Incredible. I've been showing it to everyone.
—TH, designer at Facebook

There are a lot of features we could work on, but we focus on the ones that support your process.

See the big picture. Our custom asset processing engine lets you work with 1000 things at once.

It takes a village. Invite teammates and clients into a workspace, and start jamming with up to twelve people.

A studio in your backpack. Cloud storage and Oculus Quest support make Softspace super portable.

We've just begun. There's more to come.

What will you build?

A project war room? Every project at IDEO gets its own room. It's how everyone stays in sync. Give your team a project space that transcends the limits of physical area and distance.

A memory palace? We evolved to remember things in our environment (not stuff on a screen) and we do it really well. Fill a workspace with all the knowledge you can't afford to forget.

An inspiration library? Steve Jobs once said that creativity is just connecting things. Great ideas don't emerge from a vacuum. Build a mood space where you always feel inspired.

Ready to begin?